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Bullet Earrings by Little Black Gun

Talk about femme fatale! Every pair of Little Black Gun bullet earrings have been fired from a gun. These casings have launched a bullet over 600 miles per hour. That makes this is the fastest jewelry you will ever wear.

Little Black Gun earrings are handmade out of nickel plated bullet casings. The earrings have surgical stainless steel backs, and Swarovski Crystals.

There are many color options available, including blue, green, pink and grey. The earrings also come in two different cuts--a regular size and a thin cut.

You'll love the edgy look of the bullets--they are perfect for southern girls, fans of the shooting range, and people who have connections to the military. And of course they will fit anyone who wants to look dangerous and sexy. Little Black Gun will be your new favorite conversation piece!